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Bon Voyage!!


The end of this school year was bitter sweet.  While most students and parents are anxiously awaiting the final bell that signals school is out for the summer, some of us were planning a farewell party for the Principal of the Man O War Primary School, Mrs. Kellie Janes.

Kellie has been with the school for over 20 years and has worn many hats during her employment, and I had the privilege of working with her there.  She is a soft spoken educator with the ability of seeing the brighter side of almost any situation.  Her encouragement and dedication to the students and school are evident in the outstanding grades her students produce.  Year after year Man O War Primary School has won awards, contests, prizes and high grades most schools can only dream of.  But with Kellies kind hearted way of teaching, her students were excelling in an environment that most people can only hope for.

Living on an island has it’s challenges, but running a government school is a special challenge all it’s own, yet she did it with grace, compassion and enthusiasm.


The  community held a Bon Voyage party for her and they showed up by the golf cart full!

The afternoon started out with a few words from her friendsimage

And was followed by a flower ceremony.


Each person that was taught by Kellie presented her with a flower.  The line was so long it wrapped half way around the volleyball court!

image  image

For one person to have positively touched so many people is exceptional, and as you can imagine, quite emotional.

image    image

Stories were told and songs were sung in her honor, and in the true Man O War way, a feast was had by all.


It it was a lovely evening, and one that won’t soon be forgotten.  The love this community has for Kellie was evident.


She will be a tough act to follow.  We wish her good luck on the next chapter of her life.