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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…..

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I have gotten a couple of responses to the last post and all of them said, they didn’t even know about last nights Christmas Tree lightening. ¬† So I would like to encourage you to read signs. ¬†They are everywhere…… ¬†These are a few of the signs I saw just today.

image image image

You may not always hear about things going on, so take a moment to stop and read the signs. ¬†especially during this very busy Christmas season. ¬†I know there are SO many notes and signs, so if you can only make one stop………..

Look Here…….image¬† This is the board to pay attention too. ¬†It’s between¬†the Hardware store and The Museum. ¬†The other one is here…

image  Right at the corner of The Sugar Apple snore box.

Or start a conversation at the Food Store or Hardware store. ¬†Ask what’s going on. ¬†Everyone is more than willing to talk.

But just for the record the Museum has two dates to keep in mind. ¬†December 13th is the Christmas Golf ¬†Cart Parade and the 20th is the Tour of homes. ¬†The golf cart parade is to start our fund raising efforts to purchase the Sweeting House for the Museum so we are hoping everyone will get involved! ¬†More information on the parade to follow soon. In the mean time, stop and smell the roses read the signs. ūüôā

If you would like to become part of the fund raising team, go to  and make a donation!


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