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Kicking off the Christmas season 🌲

The 6th annual Christmas Teee lighting was tonite, we’re you there?  I was, and it was a great turn out.  I love the community spirit, the unity that this event promises.  We sing Christmas Carols, give out awards for sports achievements within our community and of course eat!

image **Arthur and Carol at the piano**

image **a good crowd**

This year Small World Pre-School sang a couple of songs again and they never disappoint!  The hit this year was Santa got a sunburn and everyone loved it. Charmaine does a wonderful job with the little ones and she is a talented singer too!

image            image

Every one is welcome!  And if there are no more seats, you’re can always park drive in theatre style!


image         image

This is year a very special person was recognized for his involvement and contribution to the community.  Mr Tony Albury!! And he was also given the privelidge of lighting the tree!





So for the next few weeks there is a whole lot going on.  School Christmas plays, church productions, the Museum golf cart parade and Tour of homes.  I would like to encourage you to get involved.  Your physical involvement makes you a valuable part of the community.

P.S.  Sorry about the poor quality photos.