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Jingle Bells… Jingle Bells….?


Seriously??  Yes!! Christmas is JUST around the corner.  I know a few die hard Halloween and Thanksgiving lovers will be appalled by the mere mention of Christmas in October, and yet here I am blasting Jingle Bells!!  Let’s call it a gentle nudge to help you get in the holiday spirit.  And I say “holiday” to encompass all the wonderful traditions from now until New Years.  But for now I’m going to focus on Christmas just to get your mind going.

So I was thinking of fund raisers for the Museum this year and I came up with something that I think could be a lot of fun. It’s not an original idea, because I have scanned the internet looking for photos to inspire you and there are plenty out there, but I think it could be SO MUCH FUN!! How about a Christmas Golf Cart Parade!! All of us on MOW have golf carts and I gussy mine up at bit for Christmas anyways, so why not make it a parade/competition for the best decorated cart on the island! I think I have stumbled on perfection here folks!

Let me set the stage….. Golf cart, lights, tree ornaments, Santa!, you name it. Get creative, go a little crazy and have fun. I figure if I throw it out there early enough you can think, shop, design and create the cart of your Christmas fairy tale dreams.  (When we decide on the date and entrance fee I will let you know)

Here are a few photos I found on the WWW to help you get started.







How’s that for inspiration!!
I think this could be SO much fun! And a great way to celebrate our community. Last year we had an amazing Caroling night that brought the entire community together and this is going to do just the same thing.

I am also hoping to have the Christmas Open House tour this year too. It was such a huge success with everyone and I have had people ask me already this year if we are going to do it, so I would love to if we have enough people volunteer to open up their homes.

So what do you think? Isn’t his going to be an awesome Christmas!!

****Not everyone knows about this Museum Blog, so please share this post. Get your friends and neighbors involved. Let them know they can follow us and our progress. Let’s have some fun!!****


Author: Man O War Heritage Museum

5 thoughts on “Jingle Bells… Jingle Bells….?

  1. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Great idea!

    Carmon Newton Bahama Waves Beauty Salon P.O. Box AB22903 Man -O- War Cay Abaco, Bahamas 242-365-6310 (work) 242-365-6195 (home) 242-458-2804 (cell)


  3. WHat a fun idea!

  4. I know they do this on other cays, so why not adopt it?!
    Also, when would the Open House be? {I don’t get home for Christmas until Dec. 21st, so I’m sure that’s too late 😦 }

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