Man-O-War Heritage Museum

Preserving History & Heritage on a tiny Island.



As if the heat isn’t enough, the formation of the first named storm, Arthur, gently reminds us that we live in the tropics.

(We are that tiny purple dot)

Which makes me grateful for our water tight roof, expertly crafted by Shane Albury about two years ago. I really wish I had a picture of him, sorry.

As with most (not all) tropical storms, at the moment we are being soaked with torrential rain and at times blustery wind. The kind of day you might expect in the winter when one of our “cold” fronts moves through. The perfect day for a cup of coffee or some other equally caffeinated drink only found in the coziest of coffee shops. Which we will be able to offer SOON! I think it’s pretty awesome that I have been approached by some of our local baker extraordinaire’s who are excited to be able to sell their goodies at our coffee shop, which is an extra added bonus!

I can’t wait to get this ball rolling!! Can you tell?? 😀


Author: Man O War Heritage Museum

6 thoughts on “Tropics

  1. I cannot wait to visit and get some coconut pie – or maybe mango ice cream – or even just some fresh sweet MOW bread with some fresh fruit jellies. All flavors of my young years that I remember so fondly. We are hoping to plan a trip later this year and cannot wait to see your new place!

  2. It’s going to be really cool to stop by and pick up coffee there.
    Looking forward to seeing it open.

  3. Will you be open daily? Will you be serving Cappuccinos and Espressos or sticking with the established drip? I am looking forward to some coffee tasting and your exhibition!

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