Man-O-War Heritage Museum

Preserving History & Heritage on a tiny Island.

Big news !!


We have some very exciting news about The Man O War Heritage Museum!!  We are growing and bursting at the seams!! And the only way to fix that is to move.  A very short move, but one that will hugely benefit The Museum and positively impact the entire community.

We have reached an agreement with Peter Sweeting to purchase the Sweeting house next door.  front of sweeting house

This will offer The Museum more space to display our Abaconian treasures, pay tribute to a local family and offer a new service to the community.  It is our goal to raise $200,000.00 for the purchase, total renovation and addition of a COFFEE SHOP!! which will help generate income to maintain the building.

The MOW Heritage Museum is currently in a building owned by Jan Manni.  We have improved the structure the best we can, painted, put a new roof on, planted and maintained the grounds and moved an iconic sail boat from the waterfront to the back yard.  We are very grateful for her loan of the building, but it is time for us to move on and own some property of our own.

By The Museum purchasing this property, it guarantees a place for locals and visitors alike to learn about MOW, socialize and interact with each other in a place that will always belong to the community.

The coffee shop will be located in the back of the building spilling onto the lush garden.  It is our intention to be open several days a week serving coffee, hot & cold beverages, baked goods and possibly lunch further down the road.  We would like the cafe garden to be an inviting place to socialize with friends, have meetings and surf the internet.  We will also beautify the existing private gardens for possible income generating functions like a ladies luncheon or club meetings.

This is a grand endeavor but one that is very attainable with generous donations from people like you.  We have very recently secured the US tax deductible status for our American donors, and have had a bank account at First Caribbean International Bank (CIBC) for several years.  The Museum has loyal donors who have made sizable contributions which has allowed us to make necessary repairs to keep all our artifacts safe and dry and we are very grateful for their ongoing support, but this next step is a much larger commitment.  We can offer you public recognition or this can be entirely private.  The choice is yours.  We would like you to continue the effort of beautifying the community, that so many of you have loved for many years, and you can do that by making a contribution to this very worthy cause.

We hope by making The Museum a permanent entity and offering a new service, it will draw more visitors to our Island and help the local economy generate new interest and income for our Island home.

You can contact me, Chana Albury or Barbara Dowty directly or via email at your convenience.
Please join us in this endeavor and make a generous donation to The Man O War Heritage Museum.


Author: Man O War Heritage Museum

3 thoughts on “Big news !!

  1. So so proud of what you all have accomplished in this endeavor for the community. Church Corner is a lovely hub for MOW. Wow, it will be great. Charlie and MJ

  2. What an exciting project for everyone who lives on or visits our beautiful island of Man O War! Thank you for all your hard work & care for the history of the island. We look forward to participating in the next exciting chapter of the MOW Heritage Museum. Thank you again…. Gail & Doug.

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