Man-O-War Heritage Museum

Preserving History & Heritage on a tiny Island.

Welcome !


I created this blog to share what is happening with The Man O War Heritage Museum, so I will start at the beginning.

In 2009 Man O War Cay held their very first Sojer day.  Sojer is a term used to describe the residents of Man O War Cay in the early days.  Sojer being the local way of  saying Soldier, as in Soldier or Hermit Crab.  Some of the islands residents have nick names and ours just happens to be Sojers.  Our Sojer Day is a celebration of our heritage.

sojer crab


Sojer Day was the beginning of the Museum.  The Museum was only supposed to be open one day, but it was such a success, the locals asked us to keep it open a few more days….. so we did.   But all good things must end, and I had to return all the wonderful treasures to their rightful owners and close the door.

But by Sojer Day 2011, I decided the Museum was here to stay.  So we got out the paint brushes and spiffed up the old building.  We had an old fashioned paint party.  Young, old and in between pitched in and we got the building primed and painted all in one day.

before we opened (21)  before….

Paint Party (10) during….

After ,Museum outside 002 (2)  after.

The Deputy Prime Minister attended the 2011 Sojer Day, along with his team of Ministers and he, along with Jeremy Sweeting, our head of local government,  officially opened The Man O War Heritage Museum.The local newspaper was in attendance and took photos to capture the day.  The article is available here.

Hanging the sign hanging our sign.

Our Museum building has quite a history.  The building is over 100 years old and 12 children were born in that house! So it is fitting that the first home for the museum was here at church corner.  We have made many improvements to the old building, including a new roof, repaired windows, patched floors, installed a pump water system and lots of gardening.  But our journey has just begun. We have big plans for the Museum, and everyone is invited to help.

Stay tuned………….

Author: Man O War Heritage Museum

5 thoughts on “Welcome !

  1. Great idea to start this blog. All the best with it. RH

  2. Please add the family names who built and lived in this house. Thanks. Joy Lowe Jossi

  3. Great job on the museum please continue to keep it going for all in the future to appreciate the past.
    Good luck on the new building you are purchasing, hopefully all the residents will get involved in some way.
    You will definitely need all the help you can get to bring the old historic island home back to life again.

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